Hachirogata-machi petitioner dance

A petitioner dance (Akita immaterial folk cultural assets)

  • A petitioner dance
Originally the strolling musician entertainment of a petitioner Buddhist priest (a lower Buddhist priest) performed in each place of the whole country in the Edo era is assumed origin with the petitioner dance, and it is said to be approximately 260 years ago to have been told HACHIROGATA-TOWN. A dancer is in the middle of showing a wild dance powerfully, and Buddhist monk "SADAKURO" and grandfather "YOICHIBEI" of Kabuki kana copybook "CHUSHINGURA" the fifth step can excite the spectators by a comical short play to early rhythm.
A strolling musician turns off each houses and turns around every year after HITOICHI Shrine festival, and having played a dedication dance on 1st of May 5.

Because it is shown while a strolling musician does houses in the town block, I cannot watch the petitioner dance at a place fixed at fixed time. Therefore I perform the performance at the Hachirogata station square to have you enjoy a petitioner dance for tourists slowly and carefully.
Of course there are a lot of tourist who I move with a dancer after station square performance, and enjoys strolling musician scenery. In addition, there are two kinds that an adult gives a performance for a petitioner dance that a child gives a performance.

It is the performance time of the station square basically from 10:00 a.m., but it may be changed a few of by the relations such as trains.

The dedication (about 9:00 a.m.) in the Hitoichi Shinto shrine

The petitioner dance of an adult and the child is dedicated
  • The dedication in the Hitoichi shrine1
  • The dedication in the Hitoichi shrine2

The state (about 10:00 a.m.) of the Hachirogata station square performance

I can take a souvenir picture together
  • The state of the Hachirogata station square performance1
  • The state of the Hachirogata station square performance2

The state (after 10:00 a.m.) of the strolling musician

I perform a tour of a town
  • The state of the strolling musician1
  • The state of the strolling musician2