HITOICHI Bon festival dance (Akita immaterial folk cultural assets)

  • HITOICHI Bon festival dance
the HITOICHI Bon festival dance set to one of the Akita 3 major Bon festival dances presupposes that it was dancing from Mr.MIURA in URA Castle(Eikyo 1429- Eiroku 1570) -- having -- the Kanbun 2 (1662), and HACHIROGATA-TOWN -- a posting station and an intermediary -- when the horse-breeding district was established, it is told that it became from the present form.
As for the figure which dances it while the colorful dance girl whom I disguised myself as sings to a large drum and a sound from a flute from a yukata figure, it is with a pastime that gives poetic charm in summer.
It is started on August 18 noisily all day long every year at HITOICHI shopping district for three days until 20th.