Hachirogata gourmet

Fig sweetened and jellied bean paste

  • Fig sweetened and jellied bean paste
There are various cakes using a fig made specially in URAOOMACHI district in HACHIROGATA-TOWN, but sweetened and jellied bean paste is above all popular.
Moderate sweetness and fragrance to spread in a mouth are liked, and it is pleased as a present.

Mallard meat dishes

  • Mallard meat dishes
As for the mallard bred in comfortable nature that a lot of wild birds come flying, a wild mallard and the taste that do not almost change are clogged up. There are ”a pan set” and ”smoking” with edible soup as soon as I arrived.

Food boiled down in soy

  • Food boiled down in soy
The food boiled down in soy using a small fish made specially in Lake Hachiro is made with the handmade manufacturing method keeping on protecting it from establishment of a business those days. Boil up a landed small fish on the spot, ”straight, cooking” it is in particular the manufacturing method only in here. I make use of a flavor of the each small fish by doing so it and can value taste to have of the material. I can pick quarrel with the sauce which sugar and starch syrup, agar were in and, in the factory, season the small fish which I cook it, and performed life.
Another characteristic of the food boiled down in soy of here is to do a color of the finish thin. I finish it in soft refined taste by using the white soy sauce.

Excellent sake ”Hachirogata”

  • Excellent sake ”Hachirogata”
It is famous sake of the town boast cherished by good rice and good water, and clear technology. It is alcohol which a pure scent and over a soft throat are the features, and is deep the more the more it drinks.

Petitioner raw sake

  • Petitioner raw sake
It was authorized as Hachirogata raw sake special ward from March 31, 2008 by the restructure special ward level method.