About first aid treatment

What is the first aid treatment class?

Other than the basic knowledge that is necessary for first aid treatment under the
theme of〈before  ambulance comes〉,Practical skills such as "artificial respiration" or
the "chest compression" "hemostasis"-centered lecture is performed. 
During only several minutes before an ambulance coming as for the life of the person who breathing and a heart stop, and bleeds abundantly,are influenced greatly whether
they received "first aid treatment".
The life to be saved is not saved only by waiting for an ambulance without treating what.
 First aid treatment spreads generally widely in Europe and America,
A lifesaving rate becomes higher so as to be incomparable with Japan.
 We wear a method of right "first aid treatment" in this class,
Not to mention the life of the family, may help the lifesaving of every people. 
When a person stopped disturbance of consciousness, breathing suddenly, and it was had cardiac arrest by illness and a wound,
Or the method of the lifesaving allowance when I fell into a crisis of the life by massive bleeding
I have you recognize it from a curriculum common throughout the whole country,
 It is really a class to be able to have you carry it out.
The contents of the first aid treatment class
Class time /3 time
The one where I live in target person / lake Tokan, or it is worked
Class instructor / first aid treatment instructor licensee
It is tuition / free of charge. I publish an identification of completion.
When a family / a friend became the sudden cardiopulmonary arrest state,
Can carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation without question,
Do not all of you learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation, too?
 If I had you appoint a place / time,
I can hold a first aid treatment class regardless of the number of people.
Please refer to the fire department willingly.
"Forward with courage!" ~Than a first aid treatment class text~

KOTO fire department 018-874-2420
SHOWA Branch office 018-877-2266
HACHIROGATA Branch office 018-875-3500