A charecteristic of HACHIROGATA-TOWN

HACHIROGATA-TOWN of north west of the Tohoku district, Akita is almost located in the center. HITOICHI and OMOKATA merged it and had, it was all day long with HACHIROGATA-TOWN in September, 1956. Is the smallest town in 17 square meters and Akita, but, on the level ground that was able to open the most of the town, there is the least snow in the prefecture; local. In addition, it may be said that the point with a little natural disaster is one of the characteristics.

A position

  • A positon of HACHIROGATA-TOWN

A town chapter

  • A town chapter of HACHIROGATA-TOWN
The town chapter of HACHIROGATA-TOWN began to draw geographical features environment from Nature, and conditions and facilities of a town to make rapid progress referred to harmonious cooperation cooperation, peace and prosperity. In other words, 8 to make the center meant eight of lake HACHIROGATA and the thing that a city area and two municipalities of the aspect liman village were complicated with all day long and expressed the figure which made rapid progress of HACHIROGATA that was limitless like the ship which the form of the sail of right and left let the wind fill with wind, and advanced.
(November 3, 1957 establishment)

The tree of the town

  • zelkova is a tree of the town of HACHIROGATA-TOWN
The zelkova weathers the severe hardship with a deciduous broad-leaved tree and sends out buds with coming of spring, and please the fresh green, and the green shade of a tree in summer provokes cool air and the beauty of the crown in the winter tells the change in the four seasons and lets a heart soften in autumn.
 In addition, vitality is excellent and opens in a diagonal upswing from a trunk to a branch, and it is with Takagi and has the personality of the scene tree and is suitable for the climate climate of the northern country, and throbbing pulse is a tree deserving to be a symbol of developing HACHIROGATA-TOWN.
(September 30, 1986 establishment)

The queen of the town

  • Satsuki is a queen of the town of HACHIROGATA-TOWN
In an evergreen shrub, I have color stars abundantly together, and Satsuki is Hanaki who is full of propagative power.
 A lot of lovers are made with a bonsai, and it is cultivated for garden admiration use flourishingly for a long time in a town. I let a beautiful flower bloom from May through June and let our heart feel the richness and dignity.
 It is the flower which is good for HACHIROGATA-TOWN aiming at citizen-based town planning livable brightly.
(September 30, 1986 establishment)

The HACHIROGATA townsman charter

I do that it is comfortable HACHIROGATA townsman with a pride in the lake which we look, and has the earth with the paste and the history of a rare reclamation and it is more livable and I pray for limitless rich development and protect the next charter towards the future.

Mind and body are trained and a healthy and bright town is built.
It learns, tradition is received and the town of next rich creativity is built.
Pride is taken in work and a town with vitality is built.
It helps each other and encourages each other, and the town which sympathizes each other is built.
A rule is protected and a beautiful town is built with peace.

September 30, 1986 establishment HACHIROGATA townsman charter establishment committee

A song of HACHIROGATA townsman

words / Kojiro Sannohe composition / Esaburo Oyama November 3, 1961 establishment

1.In the beginning of the east sky
  A mountain range of Dewa soars
  Plow the good field which can open
  I talk and inherit a boat with a white sail of the liman
  I am endless in the given ground
  Our town, HACHIROGATA is keep on growing

2.Mikurahana that a cherry tree is famous
  Clear the town and go for a sweep of the eye
  Babame river is flowing clearly
  Bon festival dance proud of tradition to
  Inherit a flow of the culture
  Beautiful our HACHIROGATA

3.A cloud streams in the cold wind mountain
  West sea breeze blows
  Power desired springs out and drags
  For the industry that is well acquainted with
  Be cleared the way of the glory