The 119th how to hang

From general home telephone of KATAGAMI-CITY (SHOWA / IITAGAWA), IKAWA-TOWN and HACHIROHATA-TOWN and a public telephone nearbyIt is connected with the communication room of the KOTO area fire-fighting headquarters when No. 119 is notified.
”It is ! if compelled”, let's know how to apply the right No. 119 report so that a No. 119 report can be performed calmly.
A correspondent in response to the 119th report, ”Hello,this is KOTO fire department”. It is a fire or visits whether it is first aid.Please tell in a 
”fire” and ”emergency.”
Please answer a question calmly afterwards.

■Please confirm it in and the specific methods of the disaster nidus are different or there being the matters that require attention at the time of the 119th report by the classification of the telephone which I dial 119 and report.

The 119th report from a participation telephone


The 119th report from a cell-phone


The 119th report from a public telephone

■When I call a fire engine, let's convey next clearly.

 1. Where is a place?
          ◯◯Of a city / town ◯◯ house number, family nurturer name, apartment or company /          business establishment name, a telephone reporting Phone numbers.
         If there is an aim thing to become the aim of the fire nidus / a building, please teach it.

2. What burns how long? Is not there the person failing to get out in time?
       Do building, car, burning thing including the forests and fields and how far burn?
      In addition, please teach it if there are an injured person and a person failing to
         get out in time. 

 3.  Please teach a full name and the phone number of the reporter.

■When I call an ambulance, let's convey next clearly.

1. A sudden illness or an accident.
     In the case of a sudden illness:I feel uncomfortable at a chest having a headache
     that example 1) is bad.
     In the case of an accident:The walker who I fell from 2 example) ladders and strongly
     hit the waist, and could not move was hit by a car       
                 ”Please teach the situation in detail”

 2. Where is a place?
       ◯◯ city / town ◯◯ house number, family nurturer name, apartment or company /
   business establishment name    
   The phone numbers of the telephone.
     When the on-site identification by emergency services takes time depending on a
    nidus, there is it.

 3.  Please teach a full name and the phone number of the person of report.


■The 119th is a phone number for exclusive use of the emergency calls.
 I ask to refer to the following number about the inquiry of a fire and the first aid.

  ◇ KOTO district firefighting headquarters communication room (018) 874-2420 
  ◇ KOTO district fire department SHOWA branch office      (018) 877-2266
  ◇ KOTO district fire department HACHIROGATA branch office (018) 875-3500